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Accelerate your test automation journey

Successful automation can be an effective strategy for reducing costs and increasing quality, however, an ineffective approach or a poor choice of tools can have the opposite effect. It is essential to plan the adoption of automation by identifying goals and success criteria and by measuring and monitoring progress and success throughout all stages of the process.

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Our test automation services

We provide experienced people to understand requirements and embed standards and processes. We understand the cultural aspects involved in automation adoption and ease the transition through transparency, training and involvement. We assist with the evaluation and adoption of appropriate tools by following best practices to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes which often see automation fail. Finally, we identify, investigate and implement initiatives to further improve and optimise the automation.

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Why x.Test Automation?
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We uplift your automation capabilities

To optimise delivery and improve quality.

We focus on People, Process and Technology

Understanding that importance of driving cultural change.

We have a team of industry leaders

With a proven record of delivering tangible value to more than 20 public and private clients.

We possess strong references

Across all industries.

We focus on upskilling your resources

To become self-sufficient.

We tailor our services

To the maturity of your organisation.

We are vendor agnostic

But have experience implementing all leading test automation tools.

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