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Our services span the entire AI stack. We understand how to design, implement and operationalise step-change business transformation using AI. We have practical experience implementing secure AI solutions for government hosted in cloud environments and on-premises. We possess local, security-cleared resources with the skills and practical experience to help government realise the benefits of AI and enable a smarter future.

x.Artifical Intelligence Business Services
Customer Contract Optimisation
Intelligent routing, customer contract analysis, intelligent chatbots and social listening.
Object & Image Recognition
Accurately categorise objects from images and video in real time. Improve security, transportation, agriculture, healthcare and service delivery outcomes.
Natural Language Processing
Conversational AI, automated analysis and insights for large bodies of text data, translation services, document and workflow automation and audit.
Scientific Computing
Understand complex problems and high-dimensional datasets – e.g. astrophysics, genomics, economics, demographic analysis and other complex system analysis.
Fraud Detection & Compliance
Detect anomalous transactional patterns. Cross reference structured and unstructured data.
Accurate Simulated Reality
Quickly create digital twin representations of complex systems to optimise operations, increase efficiency and enable the simulation of future scenarios for improved planning.
Enhanced & Integrated Knowledge Management
Analyse and interpret complex natural language documents from multiple sources and consolidate disparate knowledge sources.
Accelerated Data Analytics
Understand and make informed decisions on large, complex data sets faster and with more certainty using the power of machine learning
Why x.Artificial Intelligence?
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We span the entire AI stack and understand how to design, implement and operationalise step transformation using AI.

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