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x.Agile Operations Services

BAU Automation

Incrementally automate your BAU operations to free up the capacity to focus on change and continuous improvement

Technology Optimisation

Drive down operational costs through a culture of constant optimisation

Resource Optimisation

Remove the tension and bottlenecks previously created between project and BAU teams with a single resource pool that has the clarity of purpose and priority to focus on the highest value tasks

Program Acceleration

Provide full transparency over the work program and delivery velocity to facilitate better risk management and early intervention

x.Agile Operations Maturity Model

We work with you to establish a continuous improvement partnership that increases efficiency through automation, combined with the appropriate governance and control to ensure we work on the most valuable initiatives together.

We embed Agile processes into a PlatformOps capability that can support all your platform needs independently or integrated into your broader DevOps ecosystem and sourcing arrangements.

This approach requires a different kind of engineer, one who is skilled in automation with complimentary infrastructure expertise. A skillset we foster at xAmplify.

Our teams deliver outcomes that traditionally rely on discrete projects (capability modernisation inc. cloud migrations and lifecycle events) so overall costs remain consistent upfront, but ongoing operational baseline costs continue to reduce over time as automation reuse kicks in.

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Why x.Agile Operations?
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We live and breathe automation

And bring that lens to every problem we solve delivering lasting capability.

We remove the friction between BAU and projects

Enabling a refocus on your business objectives.

You remain in control of velocity, priorities and risks

Incremental BAU cost reduction creates the capacity for increased change or reinvestment in transformation. You maintain control over the priorities and shape the work program.

Pricing is transparent

And capacity is managed cooperatively.

Continuous improvement

Is incorporated into commercial arrangements with shared risk.

We are unencumbered

By process and internal structures.

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