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About Us

Our team draws on broad industry experience and networks to create the most powerful outcomes for our clients.

Our story

We established xAmplify in 2018 to build a local Australian integrated IT services capability that genuinely partnered with clients and industry to deliver a new IT service delivery experience.

We don’t pretend to do everything. We specialise in delivering technology, digital, and business transformation through the aggregation and integration of the world’s most innovative people, technology, and partners. Experience the difference.We recognise that everyone’s strengths, circumstances and goals are unique to them. This uniqueness is central to our innovative culture and competitive advantage. Amplify You encourages professional development through a flexible framework to support your ongoing needs, and importantly helps us understand and empower you to fulfil your professional and personal aspirations.

We aim to improve Australian Government and businesses through the world’s most innovative technology, services and people.

Together, we provide Australian Government and businesses with a new paradigm to delivering digital transformation and IT Services. A local company, with local people and local leadership, supported by the global leaders in innovation and technology.

We are enablers. What's ours is yours.

Smart People with Smart Technology, imparting expertise and transferring knowledge. We believe in transformation that lasts and capability that endures.

We embrace the power of Smart Technology, enabling intelligent solutions for our clients, empowering them to be the custodians of their own change.

Stand with us, grow beyond us.

Enabling Intelligent Solutions.

Our Values

We embrace and drive change.

The nature of our industry means change is constant. We choose to see this change not as adversity, but an opportunity to try unique approaches that continuously improve and evolve people, our teams and our business.

We do more with less.

We believe our hard work sets and exceeds our high standards for operational excellence. We stay ahead of the competition through a twofold approach of continuously innovating as well as making incremental improvements to operations. We never lose our sense of urgency to achieve or settle for “good enough” - the enemy of “great”.

We pursue growth and learning.

It’s important our employees understand their personal and professional potential and it is our goal to assist in unlocking that, providing opportunities for continuous improvement at every stage in their individual career.

We are adventurous and open-minded.

We believe in nurturing a keen sense of adventure and curiosity and encouraging our people to not to be afraid of risks or mistakes, as long as they learn from them. Creativity is the essential ingredient to developing unconventional solutions that help us to rise above, take advantage of opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

We create fun.

Fun is in integral part of the workday. When you revel in your work, you feel connected to the workday beyond BAU. We pride ourselves on fostering a friendly environment where people enjoy being. Your version of you is welcome every day - BYO weirdness.

We play as a team.

We achieve more when we work together. Every individual has valuable insights and experiences that we believe in harnessing to create new and diverse solutions.

Our Team

The Executive team are a passionate and diverse group of leaders united in their commitment to protect and advance the interests of our clients and people.

We're always on the
lookout for new talent.

We are one team with a common goal—to enable intelligent solutions which deliver enduring business outcomes and capability. From incremental to monumental, our most notable change is a lasting one.

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